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Issues Accessing the Billing Statement
There are a few steps you can try with your web browser to help access your bill:

  • Clear your cache.
  • Turn off your pop-up blocker.
  • Save the billing statement to your computer as a PDF, or select a program to view the document. The Options or Tools menu allows you to change what your web browser does when you open a document.
  • Adobe Acrobat may no longer be compatible with Chrome and some browsers disable their plug-in. Please view the document on Opening your Billing Statement as a PDF and follow the instructions for the browser you are using.
  • The system works best with certain browsers.
How do I find my bill?
Students can go to ConnectCarolina and log in with their Onyen and password. Click on Self Service and then Student Center. In the Student Financials section, click on Pay Bills/Manage Student Finances. Click on the eBills tab, select the statement to view from the drop-down box and click on Go. The statement will appear in the next tab or new window, depending on your browser settings. You must have your pop-up blockers disabled to view the account and billing statement. Authorized Users can go to Touchnet.
I am fully funded, why am I receiving a billing statement?
All students with a balance receive a billing statement and are ultimately responsible for making sure that the bill is paid. Some charges may not be covered by your scholarship. It is important that you review each statement carefully. We bill third-party sponsors approximately 3 weeks after the semester starts. We can only bill your sponsor if you and your sponsor have submitted the required documentation. Departmental funding is paid by the department through GradStar about a month into the semester.
Why would I receive notice of a billing statement when my account shows a zero balance?
Our system generates billing statements any month there is any activity on your account, even if there is no balance due. Any new charges or payments are listed on page 2 of the billing statement.
I am getting a scholarship; do I have to pay the whole amount due?
No, you can defer the amount covered by the scholarship(s) from your bill and pay the estimated difference. Deferral is only available to students after the first billing statement of the semester has been generated. Defer Student Tuition Bill.
How can I defer my bill?
See the Defer Charges section of the Financial Aid page.
Why is my Outside Scholarship not listed?
Outside Scholarships will show on your student account when aid is disbursed the first week of classes or when the university receives the scholarship payment if it is received after classes have already started.
Can you adjust my tuition and fees, since I’ll be fully remote this semester?
The Cashier’s Office is available to answer billing questions but is not authorized to make adjustments to tuition or fees for individual students. The UNC System Board of Governors has affirmed that the current tuition and fee structure will remain in place for the academic year regardless of any changes in instructional format.
Why do I have multiple tuition charges on my student account?
Tuition is assessed based on the credit hours a student is actually registered for so if you’re an undergraduate student who starts out with only a part-time schedule, you’ll be assessed tuition each time you add a course until you reach 12 credit hours and full-time status.  In addition, each time you drop a course or add a course, your tuition could temporarily increase or decrease based on the total number of credit hours you’re registered for at the time.
Why is this charge on my bill?
Charges on your student account originate from many different offices around the University. If you have questions about charges on your bill, please refer to our Guide to Charges on Your Bill page.
I withdrew from classes, why do I still have charges?
Please refer to our pages on Leaving the University and Important Dates.
What are the payment options?
The payment options, which include paying online, by mail, by wire, dropping off a payment, using a 529 Plan, Financial Aid, a Payment Plan, Employee Waiver or having a Third-party Sponsor, and details related to each payment type are on our website under “Payment Options“.
Why isn’t my full payment amount listed under Payments?
Your student account had additional charges added for another term (like a lost key charge from Housing or Campus Health charges), so your payment is posted in multiple terms. You can go to View Activity and click the arrow to the left of the Payments heading to see the list of payments for each term.
I was issued a refund on my student account but I have an outstanding balance. Why were these funds refunded and not applied to my account balance?
Some funding, including Federal CARES money and the Internet Supplement funding, by law cannot be applied directly to your student account charges. Therefore, when these types of funds are received, we process them as a refund and issue to the student via direct deposit. If you have not yet set up direct deposit, see the ConnectCarolina User Information on Setting Up Your Direct Deposit. If you have a remaining balance owed on your student account after receiving a refund, you will be responsible for paying this balance with these or other funds you have available to you.
What does Refund mean on my billing statement? Why did I get a Refund?
There was a credit on your account at one time, and a refund has been issued to the student. You can view the reason for the refund by logging into ConnectCarolina, clicking the Student Center tile, and selecting Account Activity from the dropdown list about halfway down the page. You should see either a payment or a reversed charge around the same time as the refund.
Why does the Refund look like a charge?
The refund is listed as a charge because the money was removed from your student account and refunded to the student.
Why do I owe money after I got a Refund?
If you owe money after you got a refund, you may not have given Title IV permission, had additional charges after the refund, had aid that is set to refund directly without paying charges, or had your financial aid reduced. See your Account Activity for details.
I am an NC resident; why was I charged Non-Resident Tuition? How do I change that?
Your tuition charges are based on your student residency status listed in ConnectCarolina. If you leave UNC and return, you will need to submit a new residency application. See Residency Information on the Registrar’s website for additional information. You can enter your Residency Certification Number (RCN) on the lower right side of your Student Center page in ConnectCarolina. If the NC Residency Determination Service determines that you are a NC resident for a term with existing non-resident tuition charges, your tuition will be recalculated within a week of your RCN update in ConnectCarolina.
Access Denied?
The “Access Denied” red box means you have not authenticated yourself through 2-Step/DUO. This is part of UNC’s continuing effort to protect your personal information. Registering for 2-Step is easy! If you need assistance with 2-Step/DUO, please contact the Help Desk. Students can invite parents or 3rd parties to register for their own Authorized User access to view the Student Financial information.
Authorized Users login issues
Five logon attempts with an incorrect password will lock your account for fifteen minutes. Try again or use the link to request a password change after that time is up
Safari browser issues with payment system.
Unfortunately, Safari does not work well with our payment system. Please use another browser.