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Office of the University Cashier account holds include:

  • Past Due Holds: when the charges have not been paid by the due date
  • Prepayment Holds: for students who do not register during early registration, once tuition bills have been generated. These students must prepay before they can register.
  • Diploma Holds: for students scheduled to graduate to alert them to resolve any debts before graduation.

Past Due and Diploma Holds

These holds prevent registration and receipt of transcripts and diplomas. The past due amount (or amount due for those scheduled to graduate) must be paid for the hold to be lifted.

Prepayment Holds

Once early registration closes for the semester and tuition bills have been generated, students must prepay before they can register for class in the upcoming semester.

To prepay, determine the number of credit hours you will be taking and prepay the amount listed in our Tuition and Fees section for the semester you will be attending. If you need help determining the amount to prepay, send an email to letting us know which semester you intend to enroll in, how many hours you will be taking and your PID, and we will be happy to provide that information to you.

Since a prepayment is a payment in advance, your account on Connect Carolina may show that there is no payment due.  You have to manually enter in the dollar amount needed for the hours you will be registering for during that semester.  The payment boxes on our payment portal are free-form so you can type in the amount you need to pay.

Prepayment Instructions

Once you have prepaid the tuition and fees, forward the payment confirmation e-mail you’ll receive to and we can remove the prepayment hold.

Cancellation of Classes for Non-Payment

In accordance with state law, payment for tuition and fees is due prior to the start of the term. Students registering in the billing period must pay tuition and fees or defer their bill in the Student Center by the due date noted on the bill. Accounts not paid or deferred by the due date may result in cancellation of registration. Past due prior term balances cannot be deferred or paid with financial aid for future terms.

Students whose schedules are canceled may find it difficult or impossible to re-register for the same courses because their seats may have been taken by students on wait lists.

Students who register after the billing period and students who have been cancelled who were originally registered during the early registration process must pay estimated tuition and fees or provide proof that they are financial aid recipients prior to being able to access registration.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a cashier’s hold?
A cashier’s hold is placed on your account because you have a balance that is past due. Once that balance has been paid in full, the hold can be removed. Our hold prevents registration, transcript and diploma release.
Why do I have a hold on my account?
You may have a past due balance on your account. Please look at your account history in the ConnectCarolina Student Center. If, on your most recent billing statement, there is a previous balance that has not yet been resolved, then you have a past due balance.
Do I have to pay the whole balance to get the hold removed?
If the entire balance on your account is past due, then yes, you have to pay the whole amount to get the hold removed. If only part of your balance is past due, then you may want to contact our office at to determine the amount that needs to be paid in order for the hold to be lifted.
If I make payments toward my balance, can the hold be removed?
We appreciate your efforts to make payments toward your balance. We cannot remove the stop/hold until the balance is paid in full.