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Charges appear on the bill once and then are part of the balance forward in any subsequent bill until they are resolved. Any unresolved balance forward is past due. Students with past due balances may not receive a transcript or diploma or register until the balance is resolved, in accordance with state guidelines. Past due balances not resolved in a timely manner will result in collections action.

The University is required to follow State Accounts Receivable Collections Guidelines. Progressive collection efforts are:

  • Transcript/Registration/Diploma Holds
  • Cancellation of Registration
  • Past Due Notice by Email
  • Application of Late Fees and Interest
  • Referral to a Collection Agency
  • Report to State of NC to withhold state tax refund
  • State Employees Debt Collection Act procedures
  • Litigation

While establishment of satisfactory payment arrangements will not result in the removal of holds, it will stop the progression of collection efforts.

Individuals no longer enrolled at the University with an outstanding account balance over 30 days, can set up a payment plan. Please visit our Installment Payment Plan section for Previously Enrolled Students.