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Tuition and fee rates for students at UNC-Chapel Hill are determined by their classification (such as undergraduate, graduate, professional or non-degree), academic program, residency and courses.


  • Tuition for undergraduate programs and graduate programs is mostly assessed on a per-credit hour basis.
  • The tuition guarantee program allows for students classified as North Carolina residents for tuition purposes in undergraduate degree programs at UNC system schools to be eligible for fixed (or guaranteed) tuition for up to eight consecutive semesters (or ten semesters, if enrolled in an approved five-year program).
  • Separate undergraduate and graduate tuition rates apply for students in non-degree studies programs.
  • Summer School tuition and fee rates are also mostly assessed on a per-credit hour basis with rates matching the fall and spring semesters.
  • Multiple types of student fees exist, from mandatory student fees to additional fees for students taking specific courses.
  • The tuition estimator allows for students to determine estimated tuition and fees for a chosen semester.
  • A series of important dates each semester describes such topics as billing dates and cancellation, drop and withdrawal deadlines.
  • Those interested in historical tuition and fee rates can browse information about prior year rates.


Tuition rates are set by the North Carolina legislature, and undergraduate and graduate tuition rates are approved each year as part of the state budget process. Tuition and fees are reviewed through an on-campus process, approved by the Board of Trustees and authorized by the Board of Governors.

The billing schedule is based on the University Registrar’s Calendar.