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Cohort Rates

Under a North Carolina state law effective Fall 2016, students classified as North Carolina residents for tuition purposes in undergraduate degree programs at UNC system schools are eligible for fixed (or guaranteed) tuition for up to eight consecutive semesters (or ten semesters, if enrolled in an approved five-year program).

Because each academic year will have a new guaranteed tuition rate, we refer to each guaranteed tuition year rate group as a cohort. Eligible students enrolled continuously beginning Fall 2020/Spring 2021 are in the 20/21 cohort.

Effective Fall 2021, all tuition will be assessed on a per credit hour basis, except for NC Resident students continuing in the 20/21 cohort.
Stair-Step Model Cohorts and Tuition* 
Entering Years Credit Hours Tuition Student Fees**
NC Resident – 20/21 1 – 5.9 Hours $877.38 $989.06
6 – 8.9 Hours $1,754.75
9 – 11.9 Hours $2,632.13
12+/Full Load $3,509.50
*does not apply to summer terms
**Student Fees-All students are subject to mandatory student fees. See the student fees page for information about additional fees, including course fees, and other fees related to specific academic programs.Mandatory Student Health Insurance of $1,352.08 is added to each semester. To waive this charge, you must have other health insurance and request a waiver before September 10th for fall semester and January 31st for spring semester.

There are strict eligibility rules administered through the Office of the University Registrar to identify the cohort eligibility for each enrolled undergraduate, degree seeking, resident student. More information about the eligibility criteria are on the Office of the University Registrar’s Guaranteed Tuition web page.