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Fall/Spring Semester Tuition Rates 2021-2022
Undergraduate Degree Seeking Programs Per Credit Hour Tuition Max Rate* Student Fees**
Undergraduate Resident (In-State) $292.46 $3,509.50 $1,008.56
Undergraduate Non-Resident (Out-of-State) $1,453.42 $17,441.00 $1,008.56
Undergraduate Non-Resident (Out-of-State) continuously enrolled since 2017/2018 $1,440.30 $17,283.50 $1,008.56
*Undergraduate tuition is capped at 12 credit hours per semester, which is full time for students in undergraduate degree seeking programs. Undergraduates whose year of entry is prior to Fall 2021 and have maintained continuous enrollment are part of a tuition cohort. Those tuition rates are available on the Tuition Guarantee Program page.

**Student Fees-All students are subject to mandatory student fees. Additional fees are assessed depending on your academic program and for certain courses.  Mandatory Student Health Insurance of $1,308.40 is added to each semester. To waive this charge, you must have other health insurance and request a waiver before September 10 for fall semester and January 31 for spring semester.

Undergraduate Student Fees
Fees – assessed on a flat basis, unless otherwise noted Semester Rate
Athletic $139.50
Educational Technology-XX* $221.15
Student Health $205.08
Campus Security Fee* (prorated for less than full time) $30.00
Student Activity Fees (see detail tab) $197.09
Ramshead Recreation Center Debt $17.50
Union & IM Fields Debt $29.38
Student Dining Debt $46.05
SPEC Assoc. of Student Governments* $0.50
MISC Registration* $6.50
MISC Student Transit/SafeRide $100.70
MISC Student Transit/SafeRide $1.96
MISC Student ID $5.15
Night Parking – Fall semester only $8.00
Semester Fees
Mandatory Student Health Insurance $1,380.40
Late Registration Fee $20.00
*NOTE: these fees apply to ALL students, including those in Distance Programs
Program-Specific Additional Fees
Fees – assessed on a flat basis, unless otherwise noted Semester Rate
First Years and Transfers Orientation Fee $53.35
Senior Class Enrichment $1.00
Biomedical Engineering Fee – per credit hour $62.50
Business Administration – Major – Program Enhancement $1,000.00
Business Administration – Minor – Program Enhancement $500.00
Computer Science Program Enhancement Fee $150.00
Dentistry – DDS/DH Student Association $4.50
Dentistry – Dental Clinic Technology $150.00
Dentistry – Dental Equipment $42.50
Dentistry – Dental Instrument Mgmt. $500.00
Dentistry – Dental Materials $15.00
School of Nursing – Clinical Compliance $5.66
School of Nursing – BSN – Additional Orientation & Graduation Fee $23.70
Student Activity Fees Detail
Fees – assessed on a flat basis, unless otherwise noted Semester Rate
Student Organizations $24.50
Student Endowed Library Fund $2.50
Student Legal Services $7.88
Sonja Stone Scholarship $0.50
Safety and Security $1.14
Campus Recreation $64.61
Carolina Union Operating $79.80
Renewable Energy $4.00
Carolina Performing Arts $6.17
Undergraduate Teaching Award $0.75
A.P.P.L.E.S. Program $5.24
Student Activity Fee Subtotal $197.09