Includes Tuition Remission and In-State Awards

Many departments fund students (usually graduate students) from grants and other sources. Awards fall into three basic categories:

  • Those paid directly to the student through Payroll or Accounts Payable,
  • Those paid directly to the University Cashier and
  • Those paid through the Graduate School.

Awards made directly by a department or through the Graduate School to the University Cashier are paid through the GradStar system.  This system was designed to comply with federal requirements to coordinate departmental funding with need-based aid handled through the Office of Scholarships & Student Aid. Awards are entered into the system by each department and are processed beginning about a month after the term begins.

We do not advance financial aid refunds in anticipation of departmental funding. Our system allows departmental funding to be disbursed like financial aid within about the same time frame. If we have not received your departmental funding, we will soon and your refund will be posted within a day or two of your account having a credit balance. Once we post the refund, it does take 2-3 days to be delivered either by check to our office for pick up or to your bank by direct deposit.

Departmental staff with questions about GradStar should email

Our office works with Athletics and the Office of Scholarships & Student Aid to handle the funding for student athletes and comply with NCAA requirements.

Some students have third party payers who request the University to bill them directly. Upon receipt of billing authorization from the payer, we bill the third party, after the first two weeks of class for each term, when students have finalized a class schedule. Since we generate hundreds of these bills, it can take several weeks to send all of them. The student remains responsible for ensuring that their account is paid in full. Students will continue to receive bills until the third party pays, and the account is paid in full.

For students who have already submitted an authorization from a sponsor, please fill out the FERPA form to grant our office permission to send a bill to the third party payer.