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Common Student Account Charges

In addition to tuition and fees, the Office of the University Cashier bills charges on behalf of a variety of other University departments. If you have a question about any of these charges, please contact the appropriate office directly. If a charge is removed, it will appear on your next bill as a credit.

Tuition is based on the student’s classification, which is determined by the program in which they are enrolled.

Most tuition is assessed based on credit-hour blocks, so each time a student adds or drops a course, tuition could increase or decrease based on the total number of credit hours.

If there are multiple tuition charges with different names, that means that your department divides tuition revenue into multiple accounts.

If courses were dropped by the Census Date, the total tuition charges for the term should equal the tuition amount listed for your total number of credit hours.

Line items on the student account that begin with the word FEE in all CAPS are part of the mandatory student fees that all students pay.

To read about more information on the FEES, please visit the Student Fees pages on our website.

Contact the General Alumni Association with questions about the alumni fee on the student account.

Campus Health will electronically file your primary insurance. Any amount not covered by insurance, including deductibles and co-insurance, will be considered your responsibility and transferred to your student account at the Office of the University Cashier. These charges appear as “Campus Health INV” along with the claim number. The posting is not specific to the exact nature of the service. The date of the charge indicates when it was placed on your student account, not the date of the service at Campus Health.

Immunization Requirements

Contact the Chemistry Department about the Chem Lab Equipment Replacement fee on the student account.
Contact the Computer Repair Center with questions about the computer repair fee on the student account.
Contact the Exercise and Sports Sciences Department about the following fees on the student account:

  • Lost Gym
  • Lost Campus Rec Equipment
  • Intramural Sports Forfeit Fee
Contact the Greek Life Office about fraternity/sorority fees on the student account. 919-962-8298
Contact the Housing Office directly with questions about the following charges on the account:

  • Room Rent, RHA Social Fee, RHA Enhancement Fee, RHA Association Fee
  • Cancellation Penalty
  • Damages/Cleaning
  • Lost Key
  • Late/Missing Enhancements

Granville Towers is not billed through your student account.

Baity Hill Residents

Contact the appropriate library about the fines on the student account.

Contact the One Card Office about the following fees on the student account:

  • Flex Plan
  • Meal Plan
  • Meal Plan Change
  • Dining Cancellation Fee
Contact the Music Department about the music (Private Instruction) or band fee on the student account.

Under state law, North Carolina residents are eligible for a lower tuition rate to state universities, including the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

If you believe that you qualify as a North Carolina resident for tuition purposes, you may apply for in-state resident status by following the instructions provided by your admissions office. Continuing students who believe they may now qualify as a resident for tuition purposes may apply through the North Carolina Residency Determination Service (RDS).
More information is located on the Registrar’s website.

All students enrolled in the UNC system colleges and universities, including UNC-Chapel Hill, are required to have health insurance coverage. The UNC System endorses a cost-effective Student Health Insurance Plan to cover most health care expenses not covered by the Campus Health Fee.

Contact the Study Abroad Office directly with questions about study abroad charges on the account.
Contact Student Stores about the textbooks charges on the student account.