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Regardless of whether you are graduating, withdrawing, cancelling or just taking a semester off from your studies, it is important to monitor your student account through the ConnectCarolina Student Center before and after ceasing enrollment. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Charges on the student account are originated in a number of offices across campus, including the University Libraries and Campus Health Services. Charges may appear on the account days or weeks after they are incurred.
  • Depending on the date you leave UNC for a withdrawal or cancellation, all or part of your financial aid may be removed from your student account. If you received financial aid, please contact the Office of Scholarships and Student Aid to discuss any financial aid adjustments on your student account. Refunds based on that financial aid will have to be paid back to your student account, so you may have a balance due.
  • Once you are no longer enrolled, bills will be sent to your HOME address, so please keep this address up-to-date. Nonpayment of these charges will result in a hold being placed on your account. Our hold prevents registration and release of diploma and official transcripts from the University.
  • After your ONYEN expires, you can establish a Guest ID to access your information via the ConnectCarolina Student Center. This will allow you to monitor your account, access bills, make payments and access your 1098Ts.

Graduating Students

A few weeks before graduation, the Cashier’s Office places holds on accounts of any degree candidate account with a balance, EVEN if it has not yet been billed. The Office of the Registrar sends notices to those students, alerting them of the hold and providing an opportunity to resolve the charge prior to graduation and ensure timely receipt of the diploma. It is still possible that charges could be incurred and billed after that date. If those charges become past due, a hold will be placed on the account. Our hold prevents registration and release of diploma and official transcripts from the University.

Loan Obligations

Students who have borrowed from University, Federal Perkins or Federal Health Profession Loan funds must complete an exit interview when they cease at least half time enrollment at the University. This includes students who withdraw and those who are graduating. Exit Interviews may be completed by logging into your account through the ECSI website. Failure to complete the exit counseling requirement could result in a loan being declared delinquent and/or a hold being placed on your student account. Our hold prevents registration and release of official transcripts from the University.