Our office bills tuition, fees and other campus-based charges to students. Electronic bills are issued around the 16th of each month and will be due the next month. Tuition, fees and other charges for the term are due prior to the first day of classes for the term. Interim bills include other charges incurred during the term. Enrolled students and Authorized Users will receive email notification when bills are available in the ConnectCarolina Student Center.


Students expecting financial aid, departmental funding or other third-party support may request deferment of their term bill that is due prior to the start of each term. Campus Health, library fines and charges from a prior semester cannot be deferred.

This option is only available to students! To DEFER your bill:

  1. Log in to the ConnectCarolina Student Center.
  2. Look at the Finances Section and select Request Deferment from the drop down box.
  3. Click/check the box for Financial Aid Deferment AND the Statement of Understanding and then click submit.
  4. There will be a confirmation screen after you hit submit, click OK. You must request the deferment before the due date on the billing statement.