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Instruction: 51%, Academic Support: 14%; Need-Based Aid: 19%, O&M of Plant: 14%, Student Services: 2%

All need-based financial aid shown above is supported solely through tuition receipts.
  • Academic & Institutional Support – funds academic and operational administration including university leadership and business functions such as finance, human resources, and legal services
  • Instruction – primarily faculty salaries and benefits, supports all aspects of the direct academic mission of the university
  • Need-Based Financial Aid – provides tuition-related aid to students with a demonstrated financial need
  • Student Services – encompasses the student-related administrative needs of the university including admissions, registrar, academic counseling, and career counseling
  • Operation & Maintenance (O&M) of Plant and Other Expenses – contributes to the operation and maintenance of the physical plant, utilities, and IT infrastructure
Tuition Amounts and Fee Breakdown
Classification Resident*
(Entering Fall 2017 or Earlier)
(Entering Fall 2018 or Later)
Non-Resident Notes
Undergraduate Tuition
Regular Term Full-Time Tuition
$6,881.00 $7,019.00 $34,198.00 Annual full-time tuition rate
General Fees
Athletics $279.00 $279.00 $279.00 Funds intercollegiate athletics, including salaries and team operations
Educational & Technology $442.30 $442.30 $442.30 Funds specialized instructional supplies and services for scientific and information technology equipment.
Health Services $400.15 $400.15 $400.15 Funds medical services for students, including the salaries, maintenance and operation of student health centers
Student Activities $394.16 $394.16 $394.16 Funds non-academic student services (student unions, intramural facilities, student organizations, newspapers, yearbooks, and entertainment programs).
Campus Security Fee $30.00 $30.00 $30.00 Funds campus safety and security initiatives, including salaries, training, and operations.
Debt Service $185.85 $185.85 $185.85 Funds the principal and interest for capital projects. Examples for UNC-Chapel Hill include the Rams Head Recreation Center, Student Dining, Student Union, and IM fields.
Total Fees $1,731.46 $1,731.46 $1,731.46
Total Tuition and Fees $8,612.46 $8,750.46 $35,929.46

*Beginning in August 2017, resident undergraduate tuition will be frozen for students who remain continuously enrolled for eight semesters. Nonresident undergraduate tuition for students continuously enrolled since 2017-18 will be $33,889.

In the year ended June 30, 2019, UNC-Chapel Hill received approximately $499 million in appropriations from the North Carolina General Assembly, providing an additional $24,132 towards the total cost of education for each resident student.

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