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1098-T Form Information

The majority of international students are NOT eligible to claim education expense tax credits on their federal tax forms since, as international students, they do not meet one of these categories:

  • U.S. citizen
  • Permanent resident (P.R.)
  • Married to a citizen or P.R.
  • Can legally be claimed as a dependent by a U.S. citizen or P.R.
  • Have been in the United States long enough to file taxes as a resident for federal tax purposes

Only students in these categories above can claim tax deductions or education tax credits and use the 1098-T. If you are an international student, the University will not file a 1098-T form on your behalf unless you have an individual taxpayer identification number (ITIN) or SSN on your student record. The deadline to provide the ITIN or SSN is Jan. 15.

Canadian Tax Reporting

Canadian students may request that the University Cashier provide the Canadian tax form TL11A. This form verifies the registration status of the student and provides the total dollar amount of tuition charged during the calendar year. Submit requests by email to from your ONYEN email address. The subject of the email should be “Canadian Tax Form” and the email should include your PID. In the email message, please include your full name, your mailing address and the time period(s) for which you need the tax form. You may come by in person with a photo ID to pick up the completed form or we can mail it to your address. Please allow three business days for this to be completed.