Our office cannot provide any tax advice, only confirm and explain what we have reported. For more information about your ability to claim a tax deduction or tax credit, contact a tax professional. Also, you can visit the Internal Revenue Service’s web site at www.irs.gov. IRS Publication 970, “Tax Benefits for Education,” and IRS Bulletin 2006-72 are good resources for information on this topic.

If you did not receive your 1098-T, you can find a copy in your ConnectCarolina Student Center account by selecting “View 1098-T” from the drop-down menu in the Student Financials section.

If you believe the transaction amounts on the 1098-T are incorrect, please email cashier@unc.edu and include your PID in the email.

Social Security Number (SSN) Corrections

The IRS requires the student’s social security number be printed on 1098-T forms. If the number printed on your form is incorrect, please present your social security card to a member of the Records Section in the Office of the University Registrar. This documentation is required in order to update the social security number that the University has on record. The deadline to submit the correct social security number is July 15. The corrected 1098-T form will not be issued until August.

International Students

The majority of international students are *NOT* eligible to claim education expense tax credits on their federal tax forms since, as international students, they do not meet one of these categories:

  • U.S. citizen
  • Permanent resident (P.R.)
  • Married to a citizen or P.R.
  • Can legally be claimed as a dependent by a U.S. citizen or P.R.
  • Have been in the United States long enough to file taxes as a resident for federal tax purposes

Only students in these categories above can claim tax deductions or education tax credits and use the 1098-T. If you are an international student, the University will not file a 1098-T form on your behalf unless you have an individual taxpayer identification number (ITIN) or SSN on your student record. The deadline to provide the ITIN or SSN is Jan. 15. Please complete Parts I and III (enter your 10-digit PID under “Tuition account number” in Part III) of the IRS form available online and return it to the Office of the University Registrar in person, by fax or by mail, using the following contact information:

Office of the University Registrar
Campus Box 2100
Chapel Hill, NC 27599
Office location: Third floor of SASB North
Fax: 919-962-1655

For security reasons, please do not send the completed form by email.
The University Cashier will issue a W9S requesting a correct SSN if the one on file is missing (or incorrect according to the IRS). If you receive one from our office, please complete it and return it to the Registrar’s Office in person or via the fax number on the form.