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The Office of the University Cashier generates the 1098-T and 1098-E tax forms each year in January.

Our office cannot provide any tax advice, only confirm and explain what we have reported. For more information about your ability to claim a tax deduction or tax credit, contact a tax professional. Also, you can visit the Internal Revenue Service’s web site at

Form 1098-T- Tuition Statement

The IRS requires the University to issue Form 1098-T, “Tuition Payments Statement,” to each student by Jan. 31. Form 1098-T is an information tax document to aid taxpayers in determining whether they are eligible to claim a tax deduction or one of the education tax credits on their federal income tax return.

Form 1098-E – Student Loan Interest

The IRS form 1098-E is used to report any interest a borrower paid on student loans during the calendar year.