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The Loan Repayment Services Office administers long-term educational loans. These include campus-based Perkins and Health Professional Loans, Nurse Faculty Loans and Institutional/Long-Term University Student Loans.

Questions about loan deferments or Perkins loan cancellations may be answered by visiting our Loan Account Payments section of our website.

Students awarded campus-based loans may sign their promissory notes and meet the entrance counseling requirement on line through the ECSI website.  ECSI will email the login information to the student’s UNC email address for the promissory note signature process when the promissory note is ready to be completed.

Below are step-by-step instructions on completing a Campus-Based Loan promissory note:

Students who have borrowed from University, Federal Perkins or Federal Health Profession Loan funds must complete an exit interview when they cease at least half time enrollment at the University. This includes students who withdraw and those who are graduating. Exit Interviews may be completed by logging into your account through the ECSI website. Failure to complete the exit counseling requirement could result in a loan being declared delinquent and/or a hold being placed on your student account. Our hold prevents registration and release of official transcripts from the University.

Exit Interview Instructions

  • Go to
  • Choose Sign In or Register
  • Create a new account, if you do not have one.
    • You will need your Heartland Key to connect your account to your profile.
    • Contact ECSI if you do not have your key at 888-549-3274
  • The Exit Interview will be located in the Documents tab under your Student Loans & Accounts Receivable Account

If you have any questions regarding your loans or the Exit Interview process, please contact ECSI at 888-549-3274.

When campus based loan bills become delinquent, our office must follow a number of government mandated procedures to collect the debt. These procedures include and are not limited to, placing a registration and transcript hold on the student account, attempts to contact the borrower, reporting to credit bureaus and referral to collection agencies.

Collection Agencies for Loan Accounts
Company Phone Number Email
Todd, Bremer and Lawson 1-855-217-9240
Windham Professionals 1-877-768-8803
Williams & Fudge 1-800-849-9791