This office manages campus-based student loans. In general, these are awarded through the Office of Scholarships and Student Aid. For long-term loans, students are required to complete entrance counseling and sign a promissory note through a website managed by our loan software vendor. When borrowers enter repayment of their loans, they are required to complete exit counseling through this site as well. This website also houses current loan account information and provides an online payment option. We send bills monthly and they are due on the first of each month.


Payments to Loan Account

Loan account payments may be made by sending a check through the mail, paying online from your checking account through the ECSI website for a fee, or by signing up for bank draft. Payments are due monthly by the 1st of each month. Please contact our office promptly if you have trouble making your payment or if you have any questions about cancellation and deferment options.  We do not accept payments by phone or credit/debit cards.

Promissory Notes/Entrance Counseling

Students awarded campus based loans may sign their promissory notes and meet the entrance counseling requirement on line through the ECSI website by logging in with their SSN and a PIN assigned by ECSI. ECSI will provide your login information for the promissory note signature process when your promissory note is ready.

Emergency Loans for Students

Emergency Loans awarded through the Office of Scholarships & Student Aid (OSSA) are administered through our office. Students awarded an emergency loan sign a paper promissory note at the Office of the University Cashier teller window. The due date for these loans is indicated on the promissory note. While extensions may be granted for extenuating circumstances, these loans must be repaid within the term.

Exit Counseling

Shortly before leaving school, students with campus based loans are reminded of the requirement to complete exit counseling, which can be done online through the ECSI website. The school code is J6, and the account number is the student’s PID. To get the password for your exit interview, please contact 919-962-6824< or email

Loan Cancellation/Deferment Benefits

Many of the long term loans we service feature cancellation and deferment benefits. Please refer to the Promissory Note and other loan documents for details or contact us directly. More information regarding deferment and cancellation options.

Delinquent Loan Accounts/Compliance with Government Requirements

When campus based loan bills become delinquent, our office must follow a number of government mandated procedures to collect the debt. These procedures include and are not limited to, placing a registration and transcript hold on the student account, attempts to contact the borrower, reporting to credit bureaus and referral to collection agencies.

CCI Laptop Grant Repayment

We collect repayment of grants when a student who received a CCI Laptop grant leaves the University before graduating. Students who do not return the laptop will be billed for the grant repayable amount after they leave the University.

You can return your laptop to the ITS Response Center to fulfill your requirement or you can mail your computer along with all the parts and accessories to:
CCI Program Manager
440 W. Franklin St.
ITS-Franklin, CB 1150
Chapel Hill NC 27599-1150
It is highly recommended you insure and track your computer shipment.